Marine Services

ORL is emerging as a leading provider of engineered marine solutions to the Nigerian oil and gas sector. We have an exceptional reputation for professional standards, timely service and technical expertise in the field of underwater operations, full turnkey design, marine construction and support.

ORL’s primary focus is the offshore oil and gas sector where its comprehensive suite of subsea services can be tailored to provide solutions for both new ‘Greenfield’ construction projects and existing ‘Brownfield’ inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) projects.

Complementary in nature, ORL’s core service lines include:

  • Provision of tugs/ ROV support and diving support vessels
  • Provision of barges and offshore logistics
  • Supply Base / Warehouse / Storage & Moving
  • Rental – Cranes and Special Vehicles
  • Air Transport Services of Passengers and Freight

ROV support

ORL's ROV division specializes in the provision of quality remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services and tooling solutions for both shallow and deepwater applications. We offer a unique and economic solution with uncompromised performance and dependability. ORL ROV division provides the following services:

  • Exploration Drilling Support
  • Survey Support
  • Construction Support
  • Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM)

Diving support vessels

ORL provides a complete range of commercial diving and inspection, repair and maintenance services to clients in the oil and gas, shipping, defense and marine infrastructure industries. Combining state-of-art equipment, the precise allocation of resources and highly experienced personnel, ORL’s diving division has the capability to complete projects of any scale, to the highest industry standards.

ORL's diving division provides a range of commercial diving and inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services including:

  • Offshore & Subsea IRM
  • Dry Underwater Welding
  • Platform Inspections (Level II, III, IV)
  • Pipeline Repairs and Abandonments
  • Subsea Tie-Ins and Tree Installations
  • Rig Support and Positioning

Provision of barges and offshore logistics

ORL provide various barges for offshore operation. This includes Dumb, self- propelled and Towage.

ORL in addition provide an integrated logistics service, ensuring on-time delivery of all materials from vendor to rig or platform and back again. We manage warehouse, packing, pipe yard, transport, fuels and bulks, CCU, quayside and waste operations – using our own assets and resources or third party suppliers according to client requirements and local custom. And we have a strong marine management capability which helps our clients manage their vessel operations effectively, efficiently and safely

Supply Base / Warehouse / Storage and Moving

We operate supply bases where we provide personnel, equipment, warehousing, bulk plants, open storage areas, and related assets and services to support exploration, drilling, project and production activities in the oil and gas industry.

In summary, our supply base management services include:

  • Warehousing and Yard Management that optimizes the safe storage and flow of materials and equipment.
  • Loading and Unloading by a team who are familiar with the equipment and operational needs to ensure safe and efficient handling and load sequencing.
  • Cleaning, Maintenance, and Preservation by a team who have hands-on knowledge to ensure operational readiness and value preservation of the materials and equipment.
  • Rental and Leasing of specialist offshore baskets, skips, and tanks for the safe and efficient handling of materials and supplies.
  • Provision of Manpower for short-and long-term outsourcing of personnel requirements.
  • Charter Vessels on spot or term basis including supply boats, tugs and barges, work and accommodation barges, and LCTs.
  • Sourcing & Procurement of materials and equipment to support project and operational requirements

Rental - Cranes and Special Vehicles

ORL has a fleet of modern all terrain and truck mounted cranes, with lifting capacities of 8 tonne to 100 tonne. We provide lifting services to companies in the oil & gas industry and cover a wide customer base in a number of sectors. In addition the company operates a fleet of lorry mounted cranes (hiabs) on flat bed and articulated units with capacities up to 56 tonne metre, and low loaders with STGO Cat 2 rating.

We emphasize is on safe operations. All lifts are performed according to BS7121 Safe Lifting Operations. All personnel hold the relevant CPCS (Construction Plant Competency Scheme) certification. All work is carried out under Construction Plant Hire Association model terms and conditions under the ‘Crane Hire’ or ‘Contract Lifting’ categories.

In addition to providing lifting services ORL supply all the necessary ancillary equipment such as lifting beams, concrete skips, personnel baskets, load sensors etc. Slingers and Lift Supervisors are available on a day rate basis.

Air Transport Services of Passengers and Freight

ORL Helicopter is an industry leader in the provision of transportation to offshore oil and gas platforms and vessels. Helicopter flight over open water is a specialized form of aviation that requires specific equipment, training and procedures. As rigs move farther and farther offshore, the challenges posed by weather, distance and other factors require a dedication to safety and quality that is unsurpassed.

Each year, ORL aircraft transport thousands of passengers between our bases and their offshore workplaces. We operate in almost every major oil-producing region in Nigeria, contending with weather that ranges from the blistering heat of sub-Saharan Africa.

We undertake almost any flying task, as we have specialized in offshore operations and built our expertise around this very demanding type of flying. You won't find us fighting forest fires, heli-logging or performing heavy-lift flights; ORL is a leader because we focus on what we do best - which also helps us focus on safety.