Quality Assurance

Our Quality Management System is structured to meet the Quality Assurance requirements of our clients, and the intent of British Standard 5750 and ISO9001. These are integrated with those of ORL, to form a combined and compatible project quality package. Our Quality Management policy covers the formalized procedures we have adopted to plan, perform, monitor and record all our activities in a manner that guarantees us that contractual specifications can be achieved. These procedures have been subjected to independent third party assessment and approval.

In principle, our Quality procedures refer to the management of all activities associated with the totality of features and characteristics of our products and/or services that bear on its ability of satisfy pre-defined requirements.

For us, quality is a vital component of our value system. It is ensuring that our products and services consistently meet global standards of practice. Our objective is to “do it right first time”. In the process, we avoid mistakes and improve our efficiency.

At ORL, quality is the responsibility of everybody and each staff is tasked to ensure quality in all activities. This approach helps us pass the quality commitment across all cadres of staff.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) has always been a core focus for ORL. We pride ourselves on providing a safe working environment for all our employees, sub contractors and customers.

The creation of several HSE programs and initiatives has ensured the consistent improvement of our safety records every year. Safety is everyone’s responsibility at ORL, all our employees are given a compulsory HSE training to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge of how to recognize and combat potential danger and hazards